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Thanks for dropping by. Currently I’m 21, a university student, and I have Sickle Cell. This is a place for me to voice my thoughts and tell some stories – if you enjoy reading it then amazing! For now, this blog will just revolve around my feelings towards Sickle Cell and how it has impacted me – who knows whether it’ll expand in the future. I’ll attempt to do weekly posts so stay tuned. Happy exploring.

  • Quotas

    24th Feb 2020 by

    This got me thinking about my condition. As much as it is an inhibitor to studying, social life etc. what opportunities have I been granted because of it, or because of the colour of my skin? I now have two options, do I say I don’t care how I got in, just that I did? Or do I say that I don’t want the offer if it’s not based on my own merit?

  • Work Work Work Work Work Work

    3rd Feb 2020 by

    I remember talking to my mom about potential careers and all the things I was considering doing being crossed off one by one. Sickle cell does that in a way, restricts and constricts you. As a kid that’s heartbreaking – you’re supposed to see your future as one big possibility where you can do anything as long as you work hard enough. I was always a smart kid, nothing should have been out of my reach and yet it was.

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