Vexing Circumstances

When you have a crisis you realise how much support the people around you will give.

Last post I spoke about events that forced me to live a healthier lifestyle, and so for all the readers out there dying to find out what that was, I’ll talk about it in this post. I should state though, that saying “healthier lifestyle” isn’t strictly true. I always ate well, and looked after myself the best that I could but following what happened I took less risks, like going out when it was really cold or pushing myself exercise wise. As already mentioned it really has helped and in some ways I feel better than ever.

Anyway, without further ado here’s what happened. It’s nothing major, just a crisis followed by awful university support but it’s something I’ll never forget, and will consider it a lesson learnt. Since I write some bits ahead of time it’s all wrapped up in my various thought meanderings.

When you have a crisis you realise how much support the people around you will give. My big wake up call was having a crisis a week before my university exams. It wasn’t the worst I’d ever had, but it was the first time I had to call an ambulance. I was up for hours in pain and called my mom when I couldn’t take it anymore, sometimes I need her to talk some sense into me. I managed to pack a bag with some cue cards, a change of clothes and a phone charger (the necessities of course) and off I went.

I was discharged 4/5 days later with a discharge form from the hospital explaining what had happened. I knew extenuating circumstances was a thing so I emailed my personal tutor about what had happened who advised me to wait to sit my exams in August. I decided to go ahead and sit them in May because I wanted my summer holidays to do what I wanted and applied for extenuating circumstances as a backup. I probably didn’t get the marks I was capable of but I did it, and shortly after results day I got an email to say my extenuating circumstances request had been rejected. I was mostly just happy that I passed, but it made me realise that I need to do all I can to stay healthy, because if I get ill again, I will have nothing to fall back on.

I always hear about people that get ECs because of something they made up, and that makes me feel even worse. My housemate got ECs because of an ear infection, I’m not saying she didn’t deserve it, but I know that I was impacted by my condition more than she was. I wish I could do something about it, but currently this is the only way I can vent my frustrations. It was also at that time I realised how amazing my friends really were. Phone calls everyday from them and a pickup from the hospital sounds small, but it really helped me get through that period. I think I’ve said it before, but Sickle Cell really is a mental condition as much as it is a physical one. Little things like that really help to battle the mental health side of things. 

It scares me that this condition which I am sometimes powerless to stop, means that all that I have worked for could be for nothing if I am faced with the prospect of retaking my exams or even redoing the year. As a 4th (and final) year, with exams just over a week away, I have little worries that this will impact me anymore but it makes me angry that all across the country there are people with all sorts of conditions that do not get the support they should have. These are not just people with my condition but with many conditions who deserve support and are not getting it.

This is a problem that reaches far beyond the university system. In school I have had problems with teachers causing asthma attacks, sickle cell and many other lifelong conditions are not able to receive free prescriptions, people are prevented from doing jobs they want to because of their condition. And this is not to say things aren’t changing, they are and it cannot be denied. But when you face such problems yourself and they have such a huge impact on your life it makes you realise what a big problem this is, and wonder if it will ever truly go away.

I hope that one day, if things haven’t changed already, I am rich enough or influential enough to do something about these wrongs in the world. I know I am just one person, but if I can change just one person’s journey for the better, I can rest easy. I hope today’s post sated some curiousity and helped deliver a different perspective on things. This was almost 2 years ago, and it still ignites a fire within me that I don’t think will ever be put out.

Anyway, onto the more humourous part of the post, it’s gravity time.

I don’t trust stairs, they’re always up to something.

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